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The minute I saw you, Paige Toon
Author: Toon, Paige, 1975-
Publication year: 2020
Media class: eBook
Classification: 823.92F
Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK Ltd, 2020
Resource type: Electronic
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Some people believe that it's possible to fall in love simply by gazing into another person's eyes, but Hannah, who spends her working life staring into the eyes of strangers, has never felt anything out of the ordinary for any of her clients. Then she meets Sonny, and a spark ignites between them that's hard to ignore and impossible to forget. Weeks later, they cross paths again, but Sonny's whole demeanour has changed. Gone is the sexy, laidback, confident man that Hannah was so attracted to, and in his place is someone who can barely make eye contact at all. It soon transpires that Sonny is at a crossroads. He's committed to making serious life changes, but these changes can't and won't include romance. Hannah, who is only temporarily housesitting her uncle's cottage, has her own reasons for wanting to keep their budding friendship platonic.
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