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Appeasing Hitler: Chamberlain, Churchill and the road to war
Author: Bouverie, Tim
Publication year: 2020
Media class: Paperback
Genre: World War, 1939-1945 Prime ministers
Classification: 941.084
Publisher: Vintage, 2020
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 9781784705749
Originally published: London: The Bodley Head, 2019
Includes bibliographical references and index
On a wet afternoon in September 1938, Neville Chamberlain stepped off an aeroplane and announced that his visit to Hitler had averted the greatest crisis in recent memory. It was, he later assured the crowd in Downing Street, 'peace for our time'. Within a year of the British prime minister's return from Munich, Germany invaded Poland and the Second World War began. That moment of theatre was the culmination of over five years of drama. Beginning with the advent of Hitler in 1933, Tim Bouverie takes us on a fascinating journey from the early days of the Third Reich to the beaches of Dunkirk. We enter the 10 Downing Street of Stanley Baldwin and Chamberlain, and the backrooms of Parliament where an unusual coalition of MPs - including the indomitable Winston Churchill - were among the few to realise that the only real choice was between 'war now or war later'.
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Hardback:Appeasing Hitler, Chamberlain, Churchill and the road to war:2019
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Fascinating book that is extremely informative. It seems to be immaculately researched. Highly recommended for anyone interested in why and how WWII happened.
West Sussex
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