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Birmingham canal navigations: a history
Author: Clayton, Phil
Publication year: 2022
Media class: Paperback
Genre: Canals
Classification: 386.48
Publisher: The Crowood Press, 2022
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 9780719840197
The 'Birmingham Canal Navigations' comprise the greatest concentration of waterways in Britain. Over the course of a century, from the original Birmingham Canal of 1769, they grew to their greatest extent of almost 160 miles, all within about a 12-mile radius of their geographical centre of Walsall. The network was a major driver of the great industrial development of Birmingham and the Black Country, carrying vast quantities of raw materials and finished goods into the twentieth century. With illustrations, including maps and archive photographs, this book includes: the beginnings and expansion of the network; subsequent improvements to the system; supplying the water; the people who worked the BCN; trials and tribulations, including inclement weather, subsidence, breaches, wartime and accidents; the impact and influence of the railways, and its decline and subsequent transition into a New Canal Age.
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160p ; 24cm
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