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Target Vader, Thompson, Landini, Menon
Author: Thompson, Robbie
Artist: Landini, Stefano
Author: Menon, Neeraj
Publication year: 2020
Media class: eBook
Classification: 741.5
Publisher: Marvel Worldwide, Inc, [2020]
Resource type: Electronic
Description based on print version record.
Darth Vader is on the hunt for a mysterious criminal syndicate operating outside of the Empire's rule. But little does he know that he too is being targeted - by a group of the galaxy's deadliest bounty hunters, hired by the syndicate to take out Vader once and for all! Led by fallen Imperial Officer Beilert Valance, this ragtag group of assassins will stop at nothing to score the biggest bounty of their lives. Valance and Dengar seek out the perfect weapon to kill the Sith Lord - which they'll need when Vader turns the tables and corners them! And both the hunters and the hunted will uncover dark secrets behind the criminal syndicate known only as the Hidden Hand!
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Paperback:Target Vader:[2020]
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