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Not quite an angel
Author: Riley, Lucinda
Author: Edmonds, Lucinda: Not quite an angel
Publication year: 2015
Media class: Paperback
Edition: Revised and updated edition
Classification: F
Publisher: Pan Books, 2015
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 9781447288442
Previous edition: published as Not quite an angel by Lucinda Edmonds. London: Simon & Schuster, 1995
Thirty years have passed since Greta left Marchmont Hall, a grand and beautiful house nestled in the hills of rural Monmouthshire. But when she returns to the Hall for Christmas, at the invitation of her old friend David Marchmont, she has no recollection of her past association with it - the result of a tragic accident that has blanked out more than two decades of her life. Then, during a walk through the wintry landscape, she stumbles across a grave in the woods, and the weathered inscription on the headstone tells her that a little boy is buried here. The poignant discovery strikes a chord in Greta's mind and soon ignites a quest to rediscover her lost memories.
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eBook:The angel tree:2015
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