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A noise downstairs
Author: Barclay, Linwood
Publication year: 2019
Media class: Paperback
Classification: F
Publisher: Orion, 2019
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 9781409164005
Originally published: 2018
Paul Davis forgets things - he gets confused, he has sudden panic attacks. But he wasn't always like this. Eight months ago, Paul found two dead bodies in the back of a co-worker's car. He was attacked, left for dead, and has been slowly recovering ever since. His wife tries her best but fears the worst. Therapy helps during the days, but at night he hears things - impossible things - that no one else can. That nobody else believes. Either he's losing his mind - or someone wants him to think he is. But just because he's paranoid doesn't mean it's not happening.
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Hardback:A noise downstairs:2018
Paperback:A Noise Downstairs
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