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You were gone
Author: Weaver, Tim
Publication year: 2018
Media class: Hardback
Genre: Private investigators
Classification: F
Publisher: Penguin Books, 2018
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 9780718189006
Three days after Christmas, a woman walks into a police station. She has no phone and no ID, just a piece of paper with the name of missing persons investigator David Raker on it. She tells officers that Raker is her husband. When he turns up at the station, Raker is stunned. The woman looks exactly like his wife. She knows all about their marriage, their history, even private conversations the two of them had. There's just one problem: Raker's wife has been dead for eight years. The woman tells the police that Raker had a breakdown. A respected doctor backs up her account. Items are missing that prove Raker's side of the story - and, worst of all, he soon becomes the prime suspect in her disappearance. Could Raker have imagined their whole marriage? Hunted by the police, Raker will have to find out the truth before it costs him everything - his memories, his sanity, his life.
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Paperback:You Were Gone
Paperback:You were gone:2019
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Absolute page turner, the depth of characterisation and story just gets better with each book in the series: Tim Weaver is a wordsmith and genius
Glasgow - old
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