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Bokutachi ni mou mono wa hitsuyou nai English
Author: Sasaki, Fumio
Author: Sugita, Eriko
Publication year: 2017
Media class: Paperback
Genre: Simplicity Orderliness Minimal architecture Minimal design Personal belongings Self-help techniques
Classification: 179.9
Publisher: Penguin Books, 2017
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 9780141986388
Translated from the Japanese
Fumio Sasaki is not an enlightened minimalism expert. He's just a regular guy who was stressed at work, insecure, and constantly comparing himself to others - until one day he decided to throw away everything he didn't feel like he truly needed, including books, clothes, musical instruments, furniture and gadgets. While this process wasn't easy, the benefits were instantaneous and absolutely remarkable: without all his stuff, Sasaki finally felt true freedom, peace of mind, and a new kind of happiness. 'Goodbye, Things' explores why we measure our worth by the things we own and how minimalism will not only transform our space but truly enrich our lives.
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A very inspiring book that will leave you to think about the value you place on items and things. The book helps the reader to live a more meaningful life without the need for material possessions. A very insightful book.
North Lincoln
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