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Diary of an MP's wife: inside and outside power
Atuakkiortoq: Swire, Sasha
Ukioq saqqummerfik: 2020
Materialetypi: Hardback
Saqqummersitap suussusaa: Legislators' spouses Politicians' spouses
Klassemærke: 941.086
Atuakkanik saqqummersitsivik Little, Brown, 2020
Materialeformi: Tigussaasumik pigisaq
ISBN: 9781408713419
Includes bibliographical references and index
What is it like to be a wife of a politician in modern-day Britain? Sasha Swire finally lifts the lid. For over two decades she has kept a secret diary detailing the trials and tribulations of being a political plus-one; the travel, the security, the challenges to family life and the unpredictable events. A professional partner, as well as a life partner, and one with strong political opinions herself, she detonates the image of the dutiful stereotype. Swire gives us a ringside seat through the great political events of the decade, from the election of David Cameron and the forming of a coalition, three general elections, to the referendum and the turmoil of Brexit. She speaks candidly about the key players, at work and in repose. It is a searingly honest, wildly indiscreet and often humorous account of what life is like inside the Westminster hot house.
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Atorneqanngilaq 4
Atukkat katillugit: 4
Inniminnikkat: 0

Uani atuakkap aqqa takuneqarsinnaavoq

This was readable but not as salacious as suggested by the reviews. In general she is too close to those involved to give a balanced viewpoint and eulogising her husband can get a bit wearing.
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