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Rithøvundur: Greengrass, Jessie
Útgávuár: 2018
Slag av tilfari: Hardback
Flokking: F
Forlag: John Murray, 2018
Slag av tilfari: Tilfar
ISBN: 9781473652378
Includes bibliographical references
In 'Sight' a woman recounts her progress to motherhood, while remembering the death of her own mother, and the childhood summers she spent with her psychoanalyst grandmother. Woven among these personal recollections are significant events in medical history: Wilhelm Rontgen's discovery of the X-ray and his production of an image of his wife's hand; Sigmund Freud's development of psychoanalysis and the work that he did with his daughter, Anna; John Hunter's attempts to set surgery on a scientific footing and his work, as a collaborator with his brother William and the artist Jan van Rymsdyk, on the anatomy of pregnant bodies. What emerges is the realisation that while the search for understanding might not lead us to an absolute truth, it is an end in itself.
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Tøk: 1
Útlán tilsamans: 1
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Útgávuár: 2017
Slag av tilfari: Paperback
Forlag: John Murray
Slag av tilfari: Tilfar
192 pages ; 20 cm
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