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Life support: diary of an ICU doctor on the frontline of the COVID crisis
Author: Down, Jim
Publication year: 2021
Media class: Hardback
Genre: Physicians Critical care medicine COVID-19 (Disease)
Classification: 610.92
Publisher: Viking, 2021
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 9780241506318
As a doctor running the intensive care unit at one of London's top hospitals, Jim Down has spent his life working as healthcare's last resort, where the unexpected is always around the corner, and life and death decisions are an everyday occurrence. But nothing had prepared Jim and his team for the events of spring 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic descended. He tells the extraordinary month-by-month story of how as the nation came to a standstill, he and his colleagues donned PPE, received an unprecedented influx of patients, transformed their hospital and ultimately faced down the biggest challenge in the history of the NHS. With warmth, honesty and humour, this book is a gripping, moving testament to the everyday heroism of the NHS staff in a global crisis, and an unforgettable insight into what was really happening in the wards as we clapped on our doorsteps.
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