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Fierce bad rabbits: the tales behind children's picture books
Author: Pollard, Clare
Publication year: 2019
Media class: Hardback
Genre: Illustrated children's books
Classification: 002.083
Publisher: Fig Tree, 2019
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 9780241354780
Includes bibliographical references and index
'Fierce Bad Rabbits' takes us on an eye-opening journey in a pea-green boat through the history of picture books. From Edward Lear through to Beatrix Potter and contemporary picture books like 'Stick Man', Clare Pollard shines a light on some of our best-loved childhood stories, their histories and what they really mean. Because the best picture books are far more complex than they seem - and darker too. Monsters can gobble up children and go unnoticed, power is not always used wisely, and the wild things are closer than you think. Sparkling with wit, magic and nostalgia, 'Fierce Bad Rabbits' weaves in tales from Clare's own childhood, and her re-readings as a parent, with fascinating facts and theories about the authors behind the books. Introducing you to new treasures while bringing your childhood favourites to vivid life, it will make you see even stories you've read a hundred times afresh.
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A fascinating book - part history, part literary analysis and part personal memoir. Clare's passion for picture books is rooted in her own childhood and her love for her father and then further enhanced by her own experience of motherhood and as a poet. I was sad when it finished and wanted more.
Surrey Live
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