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Microbits in Libraries

Some of our libraries have been running Family Microbit coding sessions

For anyone who is not familiar with Microbits or coding, you may ask “what’s that?!” 

Well, in a nutshell, Microbits are like mini computers that have lots of features like a thermometer, Bluetooth, motion sensor, LEDs and much more that you can program using code. Coding is the thing you need to do to make the Microbit do stuff! 

Coding is now taught to children at school and we have been talking with parents at our regular coding sessions in libraries and found that parents are keen to learn about coding too so they can support their children’s learning and learn something new. This is where the idea came from for the Family Microbit sessions.

During the sessions, parents/grandparents sit with their children and as a group we run through a simple Microbit project, using a set of instructions and a Javascript block editor on the Microbit website to build the code to make a temperature gauge. 

No previous coding experience is needed to attend these sessions and library staff were on hand to help anyone who got stuck. 

Children and adults enjoyed the sessions – once everyone had made their temperature gauge we were able to check the difference between the temperature inside the library and outside. Afterwards everyone was given the opportunity to try another Microbit project: make a badge with your name running across it, create the game Rock, Paper, Scissors or a make Magic 8 ball.

After the session, many of the children borrowed Microbits from the library as we now loan them out like books! They were keen to continue coding the Microbit at home to see what else they could make.

If your child is interested in coding why not try our Hello World coding and making sessions or borrow a Microbit from any Plymouth Library.


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