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Cake and Code

We currently run several regular coding sessions for children at various libraries across the city to help promote digital literacy and encourage creativity.

Many parents who attended the Family Microbit sessions (see our blog here) that we ran over the summer asked if we would be doing any coding sessions just for adults so this got us thinking!

We ran our first beginners coding session for adults at Plymstock Library. We advertised the session through the monthly library newsletter and all spaces were booked up within a week!

During the session we did a quick introduction and explained what “coding” is. Most attendees had no experience of coding so we then worked as a group through a coding activity on where you use a simplified way of coding using blocks of instructions that fit together like a puzzle.

Next we introduced the Microbit, which you can code to make a variety of things! (You can borrow Microbits from any Plymouth Library!) We worked through a simple project that only required about 4 bits of code but when uploaded to the Microbit, it actually turned it into a temperature gauge.   

We then finished off the session with cake as promised!

The session went well so we hosted another “Cake and Code” – this time at Plympton Library which was also fully booked!

The feedback we received from those that attended both sessions was really positive and confirmed that they enjoyed learning something new.

When asked what did you enjoy about the session?

“Getting to know the microbit and block coding, very interesting and enthusiastic staff. Definitely not too childish for adults because you still need the thought processes behind moving your angry bird etc”

“Starting with the very basics was useful. Laura was really friendly and explained everything perfectly – oh and the cake!”

“Doing something completely different that I had never done before”

“Very well explained and help was given when needed”

Attendees were keen to learn more about coding with many asking “when is the next session?”  We hope to run more in the future so keep an eye out on our website and make sure you're signed up for the library newsletter


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